Emergency Eye Care

If you are experiencing an eye or medical emergency, Carolina Eye Care recommends that you seek care immediately from an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room.

During normal business hours, you may reach our office at 704-892-3542.  Our staff is trained to listen to your concerns and determine if your needs warrant an immediate visit, or if an appointment can be scheduled.

Outside of normal business hours, you may still call our office, and you will be directed to the emergency provider on-call at that time.  He or She will determine when it would be most appropriate to see you.

Medical Eye Care

From a Practice You Can Trust

Carolina Eye Care offers comprehensive in-office medical eye care, and consults with the area's best Eye Surgeons should your needs require a referral.  Our services include:

  • Eye Emergencies including injuries, abrasions, and foreign bodies

  • Eye infections including pink eye or other bacterial or viral infections.

  • Comprehensive evaluation, treatment and management of Glaucoma

  • Diagnosis and management of macular degeneration

  • Diagnosis and management of diabetic eye disease

  • Evaluation, consultation and pre and post-operative managment of cataracts

  • Evaluation, pre and post-operative management of LASIK or PRK

  • And more...


Advanced Eye Care

Driven by the Latest Technologies

Carolina Eye Care invests in and utilizes the latest technologies to make your eye care second-to-none in quality, accuracy and outcome.  Our office utilizes:

  • OCT retinal scanning technology for micron-level detailed views of your eye.

  • High-Resolution digital imaging for photographic evaluation and record keeping.

  • IR-Driven, precise measurements of cornea and contact lens fitting parameters

  • Automated refraction systems for computerized, accurate determination of eye glass prescriptions.

  • Paperless medical record keeping, accessible to our doctors from anywhere with internet access. 

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